5 July 2010.

Dr P Reading

Interim Chief Executive Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Armthorpe Rd Doncaster,DN2 5LT 

Dear Mr Clifton, 

RE: Robert Kinloch, 28 April 1952, 

I am writing to yourself in a hope that you can resolve a question that has been on my mind almost everyday since leavingDoncasterHospital. 

I had a small stroke and was admitted to DRI on Tuesday 7 April 2010 and was seen by Dr Chadra and a bed on ward 16 booked, I was on the general ward. On Friday I had a second stroke and my right eye started to wander. I waited on my bed to be moved to ward 16. Started to get hot and cold, called nurse but nothing happened. I found myself being really sick and very alone. The chap on the bed opposite me called for help.

I was moved to ward 16 and left on a bed. Some time later I became aware the stroke had spread from my foot to my knee and from my hand to my elbow. I called the nurse and told her that it was spreading and I was most concerned. She informed me that the doctors had all left as they do not work over the weekends and I should wait until Monday and she went..

Some time later the stroke had spread form my foot to my hip and for my hand to my shoulder. I again called the nurse and expressed my concern, she told me there were no doctors until Monday and I should get some sleep.

I realized the stroke was still progressing and had reached my navel and joined up with my shoulder up my right side. By now I was getting fearful as it was approaching my lungs and my heart. I buzzed once again and a different nurse appeared. I tried to explain my fear, she only pointed out the time, 2 o’clock in the morning and the fact that I was disturbing other patients by using the buzzer. I lay in bed, unable to move, waiting to die. By half past 6 the progress had stopped. 

I am now at home having spent some time at Rowan Lodge. As I am dragging myself around doing the things that were so easy before my stroke, I ask myself a simple question, if I had had this stroke on a weekday when the doctors were at work, would they have given me any additional treatment to my daily Clopidogrel tablet (super Asprin)  and might they have reassured me as to my fears of dying. It took 12 hours for the stroke to run its course and perhaps, is it possible, that some of my precious brain cells could have been saved? 

I would be pleased if you would carry out a full investigation into my concerns and provide a response in accordance with the NHS complaints procedure. 

I look forward to receiving your reply Please do not hesitate to Contact me if you need any further information. 

Yours faithfully

Robert Kinloch (Sorry I haven’t signed here as I cant write yet)